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I wasn't sure where to post this, so I apologize if this is the wrong place.

I am re-reading the Emperor's Soul right now and decided to make a Soulstamp:

(Spoiler for size)






I used soapstone because it seemed similar enough to the way Soulstone is described in the book (and it was easiest to work with ^_^). It's soft and I had a stone that resembled the grey-red coloring of Soulstone. I based the design of the stamp off of the chapter headings in the book and I changed the overall shape (it doesnt have the handle like in the illustration of Shai).

Still, I'm happy the way it turned out, hope you guys like it :)

Edit: Reuploaded the images, hope theyre visible now

Edit 2: Just came across a passage where Shai directly compares Soulstone to soapstone on page 98 in AU, so it looks like I chose the right stone :)

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10 hours ago, Weltall said:

Very nice looking. How long did it take you to carve the seal?

Not too long, maybe half an hour. I just looked at the illustration in the book and carved a similarly looking design with a needle. Making it close to spherical and polishing took the longest, I wanted it shiny :)

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