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Simple question for other writers. When you write do your dreams get more structured?

Datan Nomlibash

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Now that you mention it….my dreams have been getting more linear and easier to follow once I wake up. They're still fairly nonsensical (last night I dreamed that my supervisors decided to move me to a different branch "because you're doing a really good job," and they dropped me off at an enormous market-type thing in a converted mall and told me to get lunch at a local rib shack; so I went, only to be told by the cook (who looked exactly like an administrative officer in my building) that the restaurant was a members-only affair and they only allowed non-members to eat there on Saturdays) but they're more coherent stories than jumbled messes of scenes. 

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This is kinda weird, but not at all. I'm kinda happy, too. Sometimes they are plot based and that is great, but the wonderfulness of the random dream can never be conquered. Some of my best ideas come from weird dreams.

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My dreams are always nonsensical and realistic at the same time. Though I did have a few dreams related to the book I am writing that I actually implemented. If more occur, I'll let you know.

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On 5/14/2018 at 11:16 PM, Kureshi Ironclaw said:

I dreamed an entire feature length film a couple of weeks ago. I'm talking camera angles, soundtrack, and everything. But when I woke up I realised the plot didn't really make much sense and the whole thing was basically action and gratuitous violence.

Isn't that half of the movies nowadays?

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