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Double Herald Icons on Chapters


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Every WoR chapter and interlude we've seen from Tor has doubles of the same Herald icon.

Maybe Brandon was trying something subtle with them in the first book, but it was too subtle for us and we missed most/all of it, so he simplified it going forward? If that's the case, I wonder what we missed...

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But what do they mean?


What have we got?

prologue: Shallash

Ch 1: Palah - Shallan - ?

Ch 2:Taln - mostly Kaladin, some Teft, Moash - ?

Ch 3: Shallash - Shallan and Pattern - fits for Lightweaver

Ch 4: Ishi - most Dalinar, some Navani and a little Kaladin - Does this suggest that Dalinar is order 10?

Ch 5: Chach - Mostly Kaladin, some Moash, Dalinar and Elhokar - Chach is for Moash?

Ch 6: Shallash - Shallan - lightweaver

Ch 8: Jezrien - Dalinar learning leadership - for leadership?

Ch 9: Nalan - Kaladin, a little Rock - ?

Ch 10: Vedev - Shallan flashback - caring in the midst of horror?

Ch 12: Jezrien - Kaladin practicing surgebinding

Ch 14: Kalak - Adolin dueling brutally, a little Renarin - Adolin future order 8, Renarin? or for duel (per Morsk below) or Ironstance (per Darnam below)

I-1: Shallash - Eshonai and the Parshendi - for Parshendi creativity?

I-9: Vedev, Nalan - Lift, Darkness - Lift as Edgedancer works for Vedev, support for Darkness=Nalan?

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Actually I forgot the Lift Interlude. It has #4 and #2, which I figured were for Lift's Order, and Darkness being Nalan. So maybe we'll see more of those later on in WoR.

I mostly don't try to associate them with Radiant orders anymore. That made most of us put Jasnah as #5, when the real purpose of the #5s was probably that she was in a library. I think Adolin gets #8 because of his emotional state before the duel.

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