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Questions about Theoryland


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Is there a way to look through Theoryland without including all of the WoT information?  It's possible I'm not doing it right, but when searching WoBs with tags or keywords, there's a lot of unrelated information (i.e. non-cosmere) that comes through.

Thanks in advance for your help! =)

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I haven't found a good way to exclude WoT info. Typically, however, results will be listed in chronological order (unless they were delayed in getting added to Theoryland, like the annotations), so if you start from the bottom you'll get Brandon's stuff, if you start from the top you'll see RJ's stuff, and in the middle between 2009 and 2013 you'll see Brandon answering a mix of questions from both sides, although from what I've seen it's predominately cosmere for that time period.

So, I always go to the bottom of the page and work my way back up. It gets the most recent stuff first, and I'll be able to jump past old comments and WoT-related stuff.

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Theoryland annoys me so much that over the past six years, I've literally transferred the entire contents to a OneNote notebook and deleted all of the WoT stuff out of it. Much easier searching on my end. But not everyone's as crazy as me ;)  To answer your question - no. There's no way to separate the two as they're entered into a singular database. Eventually you get better at searching...and hopefully eventually we will have our own database. 

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