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Allomantic Electrum


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How does Electrum work?

Electrum can see future shadows only as far in the future as is done with atium in the books. They use it to counter atium in that they see their own future shadow fighting, and if they see their shadow get hit by an attack, they know to avoid that attack, and they change their own future. This compounds the future shadows they see, which makes it practically as effective at countering atium as atium itself.

While the scope of an electrum shadow is very limited, it could be useful in many situations. Like if you were playing tennis, you’d be able to look at your shadow and tell if you managed to hit the ball or not, and adjust accordingly. That would still take a lot of practice to master, but it could be very effective.


While I already found two mistakes in FAQ (reason for Hoid in WoA and whether anybody can use Hemalurgy), this sounds pretty good. I didn't see that information in any of the earlier discussions about electrum (main post is right but some of the discussion that follows isn't in the light of this WoB), so I guess it's new info.

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6 hours ago, Yata said:

I am pretty sure I didn't see that WoB before (I will remember the tennis :lol:)

PS: I found another error in the FAQ, do you know how inform the staff to correct it?

Probably just email Karen (@brandonsanderson.com) with a "FAQ: Error found" line or the like.

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