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Soooooooo, I've been playing Dark Souls a lot lately, because it's so damnation good, and while I still haven't beaten DSI yet (damnation you, you Scaleless bastard... >_< Hindering my progress worse than the Hydra...) I've beaten II and III several times over, and immersed myself in lore and theory videos on Youtube over the last couple years.

The lore and speculation of The Nameless King and his relationship with Orenstein, the Old Dragonslayer, has inspired me for something that I think could be an interesting and compelling story... if I have the skill/talent to write it. My worry is that the story would basically have to be set in a world pretty damnation similar to that of Dark Souls. Any thoughts on worries about being blatant with your inspiration and influences and not just basically writing fanfiction?

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Yeesh, glancing over this I feel like I was so tired when I posted it that I may not have phrased my question/the point of the topic properly...

Which was meant to be.... Has anyone else been inspired by something, a setting/element etc from something else, and then when started to plot/write it, felt that it's a blatant rip off of the original inspiration?

I know I've started a couple of stories and then instantly felt like "This name/phrase is SO obviously Sanderson-derived" .... Even though I came up with the idea for Skyeels about six months before I read The Stormlight Archive > 3 >

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This is something I worry a lot about. I'm actually really bad at coming with baseline original concepts. Most of my stories usually are expansions from seeds I draw from other stories. Usually I worry about them being too much of a rip-off, except now that I actually think about it, few of my stories actually look like their base anymore once I actually write them down, and I honestly can't remember what their base was. 

I guess if you want advice on the matter. If it's your first work, don't worry about it being a rip-off. I feel like at this point, getting into the practice of good writing is more important than creativity. Work on that once you have the ability to actually but your ideas into words well. Besides, a hell of a lot of stories are inspirations of other stories. 

Would love to see the story if you actually write it.

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The art of originality is not to never rip off anyone, it is to rip off everything. All media you have ever consumed, everything you have experienced, all of it, throw all of it in a metaphorical pot and see what blends together.

9 hours ago, Omniforce said:

I have the same problem. I actually came up with the idea of a tidally locked planet with a different magic system on each side months before I knew White Sands was a thing. And i was inspired to write about it after reading Mistborn

I think that is superficial enough that no one is going to call you out on it.

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