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Player Information

Name: Emeralis00

Contact Information:PM,or [email protected]

Character Information


Race: Dh'krr-ghrnnch

Age: 109

Gender: Male Personality

Place of Origin: Seamaw Range, The ResoundingPaths

Class: Cartographer

Relationship Status: Single

Channeling Capacity: high

-Type: External (internal for Earthshell)

-Focus Used: An emerald the size of a baseballon the Earthshell

-Degree of Skill: Unique for most of his species, Krh’rhl is highly skilled in detail work using Leyht and can manipulate sand and earth on a small scale as easily as a Xaneth breathes. The sand and earth can be controlled like any other limb and as dexterously, especially for crafting maps and manipulating lock picks. Fitting his nature, combat using Leyht is primarily defensive: an ever-present cloud of and used to scrape fragile eyes or cloud sight, tripping foes by moving the earth under their feet, or simply merging either them or him with the surrounding earth and rock. If pressed, and only as a last resort, Krh’rhl can chuck a stone far at high speed, ripping throughflesh, wood and leather. Krh’rhl has no particular talent with his Earthshell, only maintaining it as needed.

Appearance: The Earthshell is about 6 feet tall and vaguely humanoid shaped, with a great emerald situated on the ‘face’ of the ‘head’, lines of iron ore and radiate from the emerald into swirling patterns reminiscent of Ley Lines. Smoky Quartz extends in 2 inch flexible strands from his head like hair. The remaining stone is a very dark grey with black flecks, embedded with coins and gems. One of the most striking features of his shell is a pair of smaller secondary arms situated just below the main pair of manipulating arms, at each end of the arm, instead of a hand, is a small stone-carving blade made of an unknown substance.

Special Skills: building 3D maps made of stone and earth, detecting Ley line usage around himself, lock-picking.

Strengths: can easily tell if being lied to, has an abnormally large capacity for Leyht.

Weaknesses: appears to not see very well,greedy, perfectionist, and prideful to the point of arrogance.

Personality: Krh'rhl is, like many of his race,quiet and hermetic, but is very prideful and perfectionist with his work. Krh’rhl is very greedy when it comes to rare gems or shiny objects. When interacting with others, he is very peaceful and would prefer to simply leave when confronted by violence. Even when provoked to a rage, Krh’rhl prefers to incapacitate rather than kill.

History: The Harmonies are the soul of the Dh'krr-ghrnnch; a subtle song created, only audible to us, from a node’s energies as they echo, deep within the caverns of our home. It is this song that calls us rom the deeper places, from the spinning fire and metal of the planet’s womb. The world is the mother, the Harmonies are the father. The Harmonies teach us the secrets of earth and stone and how to be as the stones are; immovable, solid, strong, unchanging yet changing. Above all, the Harmonies teach us to listen. It is to my eternal sorrow that I saw them die …but I get ahead of myself.

It was nine and one hundred years past that I was called up from the deeper places. For my first five decades, I lived with the other children, following the guidance of the Harmonies as we discovered our unique talents. Upon my fiftieth year of my awakening, the song changed, the adults welcomed me as one of them, for I had just reached adulthood. Having already established, five years ago, my skills as a cartographer, I began mapping the complex, expansive and often mind-numbing twists and turns and atriums of our seemingly non-Euclidean tunnels that made our home while guiding the Great Elders, the oldest living members of our race, to the sacred

echo chambers.

For many decades have I done only this, for the Dh’krr-ghrnnch believe that the purpose of one’s life rests in what is left behind. Perhaps it was due to my proximity to them that drew me to the echo chambers or perhaps it was the Harmonies themselves, subtly manipulating me. However the reason, I found myself within those halls. The echo chambers, magnifying andharmonizing the frequencies emanating from the node of the deep places,sent out the loving song to every part of the tunnels. It was only here, within the embrace of my parent, that I noticed a grave wrongness. The node was gone! The Harmonies bounced around the walls in a dissonant game of madness. I only found words to describe the terrible truth I discovered that day when I traveled the surface world. It was like a tree, hearty andhealthy on the outside, but dead and rotten within. I don’t know how long I was paralyzed in shock and fear, but it I do remember being surrounded by the Great Elders. I do remember every word they spoke to me that day. Their voices, like a cascade of whispers echoed, slipped and joined with each other in the dead Harmonies.

“You have been selected, only you and a handful of others have been chosen to see this terrible truth.” “The echo chambers…they have been broken” “They can no longer hear the node of the deep places” “The up-worlders speak of a node. It is called the Eternal Conflux” “Find it. Save the echo chambers” “We will maintain the Harmonies… but our memories of the song are growing ever fainter” “The children are no longer called from the deeper places... Our race is dying…” “Go…to the surface…” “You are the last agent…” “Find…Conflux…”

I remember no more after that.

The sudden shock of losing the Harmonies hit me as I flowed out of the Tunnels. It was not a simple fading of sound, for the Harmonies, dead as they were, remained strong throughout theTunnels. Upon leaving, they simply stopped. It took me several cycles of the bright light above me before I could recover. Imagine sleeping safely in your mother’s arms only to be violently and viscously ripped away, what you just imagined pales to how it felt, losing a presence I had known from awakening and before. Years went by as I sought after my only hope. In my travels I felt a terrible wrongness, so like being within the echo chambers, seeping throughout the world. I traveled alone wary of all others,

until today…

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These things happen from time to time. At least it didn't have the same issues as when we were working on it over PM!

That said, Krh's definitely Approved! Please copy-paste him into a reply in the Character Compendium thread, and I'll update the Cast list appropriately :).

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