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How did *spoiler* not know that *spoiler* died?

What's a Seawolf?

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Pretty big spoilers and I'm not sure what needs to be kept hidden and not, so for those who haven't finished the book, look away.


During my recent re-read, (done after finishig BoM,) something struck me as odd. 

Harmony says he cannot see Paalm, which we assume is because of her new spike.  However, Paalm has to kill Innate before masquerading as him.  Wouldn't Harmony, you know, have noticed that Innate was dead?  I'm not sure if I can quote BoM in spoiler tags on this board, so I'll hold off on doing so, but shouldn't Harmony have seen Innate's passing soul/Cognitive form and known immediately something was up when he heard Innate was still in Elendel?

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I'm going to disagree (partially) with Argent on this one.  The one duty Sazed takes most seriously is helping souls in their passing.  So he was certainly aware that Innate passed away.

However, that's not to say that he knew the exact manner in which he died.  Or that someone was masquerading as Innate.  As Argent noted, Harmony has been distracted lately.  If he is actively trying to protect the world, and cannot give full focus to those who are communicating with him, then there are probably a LOT of things in the world he is missing.

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From Secret History we know that you can totally 100% distract a shard if you are another shard even make the shard lose focus over the things he has most control about(like the case with Ruin and Marsh). Though a shard can converse/watch multiple people at the same time, we know they have different levels of focus per person/area. I mean we see Vin after she finally turned into preservation during the original trilogy that she literally ignored those who had problems by the tsunami she accidentally produced from turning the planet around.

And besides i suspect Harmony has this Paalm issue not on his top priority, and his way of solving it was probably just sending Wax. I mean if there was another shard trying to literally enter scadrial i think the shard protecting the people would focus on that than a rebelling Minion.

I mean we have preservation asking alot of times "what happened" during secret history even though he's a full shard.

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New hypotesis... Probably Paalm knowed that Harmony may interctept almost every deadman.

And we know that the time of someone remain in the Cognitive (the time useful to Sazed) is longer if the guy is high invested.

Therefore it's possible that Paalm killed the guys with Hemalurgy (not because she need some new Spike) to remove a big chunk of Victim's soul. This mean that his transition from the Cognitive to the Beyond may be faster than usual and in a time where Sazed is "busy/distracted" those kill may be unseen by Harmony himself.

PS: this give to Paalm also some Spikes if she need them.

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