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agig (there's no capitalization if you say it this way) here


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Hello, all. I'm agigabyte/agig/agiga/Giga/Gigs/Giggles. I'm a fourteen year old boy who recently (around a year a ago)started reading Sanderson's books, and he's quickly become my favorite author (sorry, Zahn. Even Thrawn isn't enough to win.) and I've read almost all of the Cosmere novels, only missing Shadows For Silence. 

It's often said by people who know me that I'm extremely intelligent and creative (though I can't think of names to save my life, as Master Sergeant Angel Knight can attest). I enjoy Science Fiction more than fantasy in most cases, but I love Brandon's works so much. 

I promise I'm only a tiny bit egomaniacal.

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10 hours ago, agigabyte said:

Ever have that moment when you wonder how autocorrect forgot that a word was an actual word? 

I recently started using my iphone instead of a computer for 17thshard. I have an average of about wording error per post.

Spellcheck is wrong. Burn it!

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Heh, you remind me of myself when I was around your age (which, in retrospect, is a super old person type of thing to say; 26 is the new 60!). Welcome to the Shard, I expect you'll enjoy it here. Also, make sure you recruit your classmates for the Sanderson Army, we could always use more theorycrafters.

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