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Marvel/DC Characters with Mistborn Powers (Game-ish, but not really)


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Hey Sharders!

Just something fun to do, and I wanted to see what you could come up with. Basically, you take any superhero, like Hulk for instance, and then translate their powers into the Mistborn magic system. For Hulk, I think it fits that he is a Pewter Compounder. For some heroes, it's okay to break the rules-ish. Take Iron Man--He would need both Allowmantic steel and iron to "fly", and he's Iron Man, so naturally he would use some spikes. Obviously, some powers can't really translate.
Feruchemy in Green, Allowmancy in Blue, and Hemalurgy in Red.

Hulk--Pewter, Pewter.
Iron Man--Steel, Iron, Tin.

You don't have to use this system if you know all the terms and such, like Coinshot. Or you can just say F-Atium ect. Whatever works best for you!

Have fun, maybe!

Edit: If you don't know Marvel/DC, I guess you can do other things, like anime, but as a last resort.

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...can I do anime characters? I don't really know Marvel/DC all that well...

Anyway, here's who I've got. Not a comic hero. A manga/LN hero.

Kamijou Touma

Allomancy: Chromium.

Chromium pretty much speaks for itself here. The power to negate the flow of Investiture in other beings you touch. Useless against conventional weaponry, yet can cancel out a Duralumin fueled Steelpush or a Lashing...hmm... Imagine Breaker, anyone?

Feruchemy: Duralumin.

Subconscious tapping and storing accounts for the Imagine Breaker's habit of cutting the red string of fate and tying it to Touma. Meaning that he's pretty much a harem magnet.

Hemalurgy: Chromium Feruchemy.

A small spike that Touma isn't even aware of. He subconsciously directs all of his Luck into it, making him continually unlucky.

So, what do you think?

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You may want to clarify a bit that when you say Hemalurgy in red whether you mean the allomantic power that was Hemalurgically stolen or the type of metal the hemalurgic spike is made of.
For example your Iron Man, did you mean he should have 2 spikes, one each for allomantic steel and iron? Or did you mean some Hemalurgic steel spikes to steal allomantic powers and an Iron spike to steal strength?

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Sounds fun!

I'm going to go based on a couple assumptions.  No one's a Mistborn or full Feruchemist.  So according to other in world rules, you're at best a twinborn, everything else gets spiked.

Let me start with Thor...(Disclaimer: I know nothing of the comics, so this is MCU Thor.)

Most obvious trait is that he is super strong, so let's go with F-Pewter and A-Pewter.

He lives for thousands of years, so he would need two spikes, one for F-Atium and one for A-Atium.  (For Atium compounding like TLR did.)

He has a thing for his hammer and can fly, so that's two more spikes for A-Steel and A-Iron.

Finally, I feel like being Asgardian he would have increased senses, so let's spike him with A-Tin.

To conclude:

F-Pewter and A-Pewter


A-Atium, F-Atium, A-Steel, A-Iron, A-Tin.

Decent amount of spikes but he can hide them under his armor.


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5 hours ago, Oversleep said:

Wasn't there a thread exactly like this? I think there was one.

If there was, I haven't seen it.

Edit: Though I'm not very active in the Mistborn threads, so I'm probably wrong.

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