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Hi everyone,

this quest is for the people which have a different native language then english, just like me
So, I'm waiting for the latest books to release in german (Calamity, Shadows of Self, Bands of Mourning). I've read them myself already on english, but many friends are waiting for the german versions as they don't speak english really well.
Usually it never took long for the translation to release (last thing I remember is Firefight, which was about 7 months). But now, I can't find anything about that. Shadows of Self came out about 10 Months ago, and still I can't find anything about it, not even a release date.

Does anyone maybe know something about that?

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I have the same problem. Not that I don't understand english but it's always a different experience if you read something in your native language. So I'm still waiting for the german translations of those books like your friends. Fortunately I dicovered the cosmere not long ago, so I have to read a few other books before comming to SoS and BoM but it still worries me a bit that there is no german release date yet. Currently I'm doing a reread of the first Mistborn trilogy and afterwards I'll read WoK and WoR for the first time. After that I planned to continue with the Wax & Wayne books but if until then there still isn't a german release date I see myself forced to give the english versions a try.

But don't give up hope. There was a Facebook post from Heyne (the publishing company that releases most of Brandon's books in Germany) some time ago that at least SoS and BoM will be released in Germany in the future. 

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Good to know that they're at least to be released in German... I hope all Sanderson-Books will.

And I understand what you mean. 
But you should give it some more time, it took me a while to to adjust, and now I prefer reading books in english.
And you can be sure everything is correct as it is in the original version. I've already found some translation mistakes...

For example (Mistborn The final empire Spoilers!!)

In english it says, Vin breaths in the Mist, and then gets the strength. In German, she doesn't do that, she just can do it. When I first read the whole serie on german, and at the end of book 3 it said "she breaths in the mist, like when she defeated the Lord Ruler", I was just like... wait, that never happened! So, reread it on english, and there it happened...

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Presumably I will end up reading the english versions in the future, even if it's just because of me being too impatient to wait for the latest translations ;)

But I still think this isn't the optimal option because my english is just ok, not very good. I recently played a text based game in english and had to look up several words in a dictionary Google Translate. Sometimes that was really annoying and I'm still hesitating reading a whole book in english because of that. But I'm trying to work on that so hopefully in the (near) future I won't have a problem with it anymore ^^

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