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Reckoners Board Game


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'Shut up and take my money!'

Except my images aren't copying.

But seriously, this could be AWESOME. Especially since Nauvoo is a much more established company than Crafty. I could see this being like XCOM, an awesome board game, or even as a rethemed Pandemic. Even if it was just tic tac toe but with blue lines, if it has a reckoners logo on it, I'll buy it.*


*Okay, maybe not. But seriously, this is going to be awesome.

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hmmmm so you are  supposed to find ways to kill epics... hmmm that could be quite fun , as a group trying to discover and expliot their weakness , i'd definately be interested in checking it out 


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The gameplay layout looks a little like an old Starwars Battles game I played, if it's anything like that it would be super fun! Plus putting together books and board games in general sounds like a great idea! :D

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