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Mark's Crosses? Please help!


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The question is simple. How are Mark's crosses: crossing lines of forbiddance inside the small circles (which appear all over the novel) made? As soon as you draw one, you won't be able to cross it while drawing the other! Do you have to do it "ambidextrously" like Prof. Fitch? Or is it really 4 lines of forbiddance that meet in the middle?

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I asked Brandon a series of questions about rithmatics.  In a nutshell, this is the best answer I have to your question.  Rithmatics was originally conceptualized as a cosmere magic system.  This means that it is pretty close (but not bounded by and not completely consistent with) to the rules and features of cosmere magics.  Specifically, Brandon said that intent is a key facet of rithmatics.  This is pretty clear in some regards from reading the book (i.e., lines of revocation and the silencing line do not work if you draw them without intending to produce their rithmatic function).  I asked Nrandon specifically about timing of effect in regards to lines of forbiddence and he said the timing of the effect generation depends upon the intent of the rithmatist drawing the line.  My take away from this is that a rithmatist drawing a Mark's Cross would not intend for the lines of forbiddence to 'activate' until the second line had been completed. Thus, the first line would not produce an effect until the second line was drawn.

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