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lighteyes vs darkeyes IRL


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There was this study at the University of North Texas which suggests that dark-eyed people can't hold their liquor as well as light-eyed people, and are more likely to be alcoholic. I found it interesting that there is such a profound physiological difference there. Perhaps there is a good reason that lighteyes are royalty on Roshar.


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I actually get the impression from reading the abstract that light-eyed people are more likely to get addicted because they need to drink more to get pleasant mental effects and are more likely to build a physical dependence.

Also, you have blue eyes don't you? :D

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When I was in an undergrad Psychology class in college, we had to volunteer to help one of the teachers/grad students with their experiments for class credit, and one that I actually worked on was this:


It was a study that looked at a person's perception of certain illusions made with alternating black and white shapes and blinking lights (real trippy), and found that those with darker eye pigments didn't see the illusion as often as those with lighter pigmentation. It roughly corresponded to skin color, but not necessarily.

I was the melanin measurer. I had one of those eye microscopes that they use when you get tested for contacts, and I had to figure out what level of pigmentation any given cornea had.

So I'm getting credit for gazing into some lovely co-eds' eyes and flirting with them. Oddly enough, telling girls that they have pretty eyes doesn't work so well from the other side of a microscope.

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