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Strange Symbols


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Okay, so the ones circled in purple are symbols from Way of Kings, the ones in green are from Mistborn, and

the blue ones are from (I think) Elantris. What I want to know is if any of you know where the other ones are from.

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The 'Gems' are

  • Welcome, Blog & Library: unknown
  • Events: unknown metal
  • Wheel of Time & Warbreaker: atium? metal
  • Elantris & Stormlight Archive: aon ata (by Chaos)
  • Alcatraz & Mistborn: unknown aon
  • Forum & Mailing List: electrum metal
  • Email: aon tia
  • Annotations: aon deo
  • Store: unknown aon?
  • About: bronze metal

There's also quite a bit of stuff going on in the background:

  • a creature
  • unknown metal resembling tin (spike the wrong way) above the creature
  • unknown metal resembling brass? to the right of the creature
  • on the second face of the 'pyramid' likes aon ena
  • on the banded border lies an aon aon
  • aon ela above the second face
  • aon aha on the opposite side of the pyramid
  • aon's daa & ehe
  • a smudged symbol maybe a metal?
  • some writing along the bottom

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@chaos I thought it was from WoK because it looked similar to Jasnah's writing, but you are correct.

@Joe I completely did not notice the background.

@Mycoltbug Not that I know of, but that would be a good idea.

Thanks everyone!

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I'm pretty sure that one's an Aon, it's got the basic Aon Aon shape in there. Don't think it's one that's appeared anywhere else though.

ahh yes, just different that it's in thirds rather than quarters.

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