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Possible Extended Absence


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Hello Everyone,

I've already spoken with the other staff about this, and with members of the Reckoners RP, but I figured it would be good to put something out here too, just so y'all know where I'm at and why I'm not going to be around much (not not I'm super prolific in the first place).  

I have a lot of life stuff going on right now, and it is demanding a lot of my time, and it looks like it will continue to do so. What this means is I that while I might check in from time to time, and I might even manage to post a time or two because sometimes writing is a helpful self-care for me, I'm not going to be responding to things as quickly as I would like. I expect this absence to last at least until the middle of May, and it might continue after that. We will see.

For explanation, this is a quick run-down of what is on my plate for the next while:

(1) My father is currently in the hospital due to some pretty serious issues with his liver. He was moved to another city to be close to the liver specialists, so I'm going to be spending a lot of time travelling and providing care for my family. I also have a few added errands and tasks that relate to this.

(2) I am currently finishing the last paper of my law degree. It was supposed be due today, but because of the situation with my dad, I got an extension until the 28th. A virus ate my research, so I had to start from scratch yesterday. The paper needs to be 7500 words, so that is going to occupy the vast majority of my time for the next few days, and I really need to eliminate distractions wherever possible. That means no 17th Shard.

(3) My husband Craig and I are FINALLY going on our honeymoon after a year of marriage, and we are leaving on April 29th. I've been looking forward to this trip for a long time, and with everything else that has been going on, I think I really need to focus on self care while I'm there. I might do some 'me' writing, but I will probably try not to be online too often. We will be returning May 13th.

After May 13th, things are kind of up in the air. I will be starting a full time job at the beginning of June, so there is prep for that. I will also be making trips out to my parents farm to help out and keep my younger sister who still lives there company while they are gone, and also be visiting my Dad.

Thanks to everyone for your understanding, and for your support for me and my family.  Part of my reason for posting this, even though sharing personal details like this is uncomfortable for me, is because I've really appreciated seeing the care and support members of this community provide to each other. This community is really special to me, and I'm really glad I've been able to be a part of it.  


See you all later!  I'll be back.  

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Working on a degree is tough enough without anything else going on. So best of luck with that. The only advice I can give comes from personal experience; working on an essay for 72 hours straight is a worse idea than it sounds. So... don't do that.

(Unless you don't mind your family reminding you of your crazy insomniac ramblings for the rest of your days)

Besides that, I hope everything is okay with your dad, and that you enjoy your honeymoon.

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Quick mini-update: Craig and I are having a great time in Hawaii, AND my Dad had his transplant operation last night. It'll still be a long way to recovery, but it's stil a huge step. Thanks for all the good vibes. I'm hoping to be back online in a week or so!

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