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Mobile and Main Site Differences


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I have a question for anyone who may be able to answer it. 


When I'm going through the forums on the mobile site, if I click on a thread that I've already read that has new posts, it takes me straight to the first post I haven't read but the main site doesn't seem to do this.  It just takes me to the first post of the thread.  


Is there any setting I can change or button I'm missing that gets the main site to work this way, or is this a feature of the mobile site only?



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haha, that will teach me!  When I use Chrome, I just click on the topic and it automatically jumps me to the newest post.  When I'm at work I'm stuck with IE, and it didn't do that.  Now I know!


That's interesting, I use Chrome as well and clicking on a topic's name just opens the topic - first page, first post. Always.

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