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New Short Story available on Patreon


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Brandon just announced that Writing Excuses, which has largely been a labor of love for the people who make it, now has a Patreon account!



Writing Excuses has a lot of costs associated with it. We feel it’s important to do in person, because of the chemistry of the hosts, so we spend a lot on plane tickets. We also hire audio engineers, buy expensive equipment, and (perhaps most expensively) request the time of the various hosts and guests. Up until now, we’ve used advertisements from Audible to support the podcast—and they’ve been truly awesome to work with.

However, this is exactly the sort of thing Patreon is for—letting the fans support, and have ownership, over their podcast. So if you listen, or are curious, take a look.

-Brandon Sanderson, Source


There are several levels of donation, but it basically boils down to the following



– $5 a month gets you early access to the podcast, a standard thing for Patreons like this. You’ll get to listen to them a few days before everyone else.

– $10 a month is the sweet spot. This is where we’ll be providing bonus content. We promise one cool item a month, though it’s my goal to give more than that. We’ll see how it plays out.

-Brandon Sanderson, Source


And that's where things get cool. This month, Brandon's releasing the first chapter of a new short story.




This month, I sent in the first chapter of a novella I worked on while flying to the Middle East last month. It’s about 3k words, along with some commentary on a revision issue I’m trying to figure out for the story. I hope to be dropping things like this in often—little previews of what I’m working on, or deleted scenes, or commentary on snags I’ve had while writing.

-Brandon Sanderson, Source



I have no idea what the story is about, (since I have no monies) but it's likely to be awesome, since Brandon wrote it. Anyone who does and wants to post some basic info here would be great! However, please don't post the whole story here or anywhere else. Brandon wants this story to help be a motivation to help fund Writing Excuses and writing scholarships. 

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I don't see it on Patreon and I am a $10 supporter.  Must not have actually made it yet.


Patreon distributes rewards when it collects the money, usually early each month. You'll get an email informing you that your pledge was processed successfully, and then it will be up to the content creator to send the rewards out. 

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