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An introduction

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The answer is obvious: theorizing.

Or wait, that may be only obvious to me.

Welcome, Kuri! I look forward to seeing your stuff around the boards.

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Man, you people are FAST.

Some of you might already know me, I'm Eythen/Mosh on the Mistborn: The Inquisition board. Kchan's been poking at me for a bit to join up here, and I finally caved....I mean decided I'd give it a try!

For those new to my particular brand of Insanity™, I'm a 26 year old guy from Ohio, "The State Where Nothing Happens. EVER.", and a recently converted Brandon-o-phile. I'm a longstanding member of the geek community, however, having grown up on a steady diet of Transformers, comic books, fantasy literature and anime/manga/gaming.

I even play D&D.

*dramatic pose*

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Formal acceptance is always nice, though :D

Still, that would be going up to one of my friends and saying "Hi, my name is..." when I have known them for years.rolleyes.gif

EDIT: Oh, do you want me to make a banner for your RP too?

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