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Feruchemical Savants


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Can a pewter Feruchemist go all fiddler crab? Store a bunch of strength from one arm, tap it into the other? 


So far, any Feruchemist we've seen has been required to enhance their entire body or make their entire body weaker.

So, with this quote, he says SO FAR. Because before feruchemists were spread thin with so many powers, maybe a pewter Ferring could use the ability enough to have greater control over it, such as wax's levitation using allomancy. What do you think?
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That's actually terrifying.  Considering they can store individual senses, I wouldn't find it shocking if someone figured out how to store the strength from one part of their body, though I'd actually find it more likely if they figured out how to store different types of strength somehow (not really sure what that would look like, spitballing here as I type).  I think even with that, it would be hard to reach the point of being a savant with Feruchemy alone, since it requires you to store as much as you use.  With compounding, of course, it could be easily doable in theory.



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