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Yes yes, there's a roleplaying forum, but that (seems) to be for in-progress games, which isn't entirely what I mean here.

This is...well. Me asking, do any of you play RPG's (I know the answer to that is yes) and if so...what ones? What got you into them? Got any funny stories or links or anything?

You know. General discussion type stuff,for games of both the tabletop and computer variety!

Personally... I've played a handful of computer RPG's. Pokemon would be the big one, but I've played a little Skyrim, Final Fantasy...you know. The big ones.

When I was younger, I also did a bit of wargaming with friends; LotR, Warhammer, 40K, basically just mainstream Games Workshop.

I've been kinda interested in pen and paper games for a while though, mostly thanks to funny stories that make them sound like they'd be fun to play...and lately, I've been trying to get involved in them.

There's our very own What Happened in Oregon games, obviously (check it out! It's awesome!), but I've also been trying to learn the rules for Pathfinder, based on their prd.

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Skies of Arcadia is my all time fav rpg even though Final Fantasy is my all time fav RPG series.

elders scrolls series!

grandia series!

Crono Cross!

Star Wars KOTOR 1-2!

Mass Effect 1-3(still have to finish 3, I'm at the end)!

I've dnd ed exactly once and it was fun but the group never met up again with all of us together again to continue.

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Lol, youngsters. In my time, I've played:

- Runequest

- Rolemaster

- Powers & Perils

- Bushido (a little)

- Ringworld RPG

- Pendragon

- Warhammer RPG

- Aftermath

- Harnmaster RPG

Stuff the I GM'd, and that my closest friend GM'd was pretty much all original. In a way we were writing our own stories and playing them out rather than using pre-scripted scenarios from the RPG resources. It went way beyond numbercrunching to the point that we would rarely roll dice at all. Maybe for the occasional combat. It was much more about the story.

I last played about a year ago. My best friend and I were the only ones left of our group from school (30+ years ago). We had been playing this one character of his off and on for about 15 years and only covered 3 years of gane time. I've got 740 pages of hand-written notes which I've started novelising. So far, I've written about 20,000 words from the first 15 pages. I reckon it'll be a long haul if I ever set aside my other writing and put my back into it.

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D&D basic through 4th (and sorta 5th)

World of Darkness (Mage, Werewolf, sorta Vampire, and most of the minor little other ones (wererat, gypsy, etc.)

Deadlands (Weird, Wasted, and Far Out West)


Hero (6th)

Star Wars d6

Cyberpunk 2020 and 203X

Star Frontiers

Castle Falkenstien

Warhammer RPG

Ars Magica (5th)

Car Wars

And of course, the Mistborn Adventure Game!


Most of these we've (at one point or another) modefied to fit any number of other concepts as well.

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And mostly World of Darkness stuff - Vampire: the Masquerade, Kindred of the East, Mummy: the Whichever One Mummy Was


On the digital side:

Ultima (all through 6, including Underworld 1 but not Underworld 2 or the Worlds of Ultima spinoffs)

Final Fantasy (1, 3, 7, 12, 13<hurk>, Tactics, Adventure)

Dragon Warrior 1-4

Quest for Glory 1-3

Persona 3


Zelda 2 (yes it is)

Chrono Trigger

Quest 64<hurk again>



I have a partially designed RPG as well called Scheherazade, but to keep moving forward with that I'd need to test its mechanics and playability with a group, and I'm not around people who get together to RP that much.

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Hmm let's see:

Some tabletop rpgs that I've played:

Prime Directive


World of Darkness


D&D 5e

Mistborn Adventure Game


I've played quite a few crpgs but some of my favourites were:
mass effect

the witcher

deus ex

elder scrolls


I too am working on a  tabletop rpg, but it's got a way to go yet.

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I own the MAG but no one to play it in Tucson.

I've extensively played Skyrim/Oblivion/Morrowind and Fallout 3, New Vegas and 4 basically if Bethesda releases it I'll give it a go. I just finished the Automatron story last night, it's about three hours of game time but the additions to the game are amazing.

Right now my main has almost 20 sets of Power Armor. Is lvl 64/5 and he's basically unstoppable in his X-01 mk.3 jet packed shark painted armor. Out of it... Well he's a smidge squishy.

Oh yeah and I play WoW

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I've played (mostly GMed) D&D 3.5 - never moved on to 4th or 5th ed, and not interested in doing so.


My friend just bought me the humble bundle of Pathfinder rulebooks, and I'm starting a game using that system in May. (Actually, it's set in my Thousand Realms setting, so I might want to eventually post some details on that thread...)


With tabletops, I tend to want to be the GM - it intrigues me far more than being a player, normally because I can exercise worldbuilding talent there.


On computer RPGs, I've done Oblivion, Skyrim, KotOR 1&2 - nothing too exotic.

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Haven't played any pen-and-paper rpgs in person, though I'd like to try and GM one for my family at somepoint... 

I've played a bit of the Mistborn Adventure Game in play-by-post form over on the steelministry.


Video games:
Kotor 1&2

TES 3-5 (Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim)

Fallout 3, New Vegas (barebones, I didn't really enjoy them)

Mass Effect 1-3

Dragon Age 1-2, plus 3/4 of Inquisition

Does Pokemon count? I've a fair number of them.

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