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Introduction time from me… Josh


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My name is Josh. I'm pretty cool myself. I'm not overly familiar with Brandon's works, but have started reading mistborn and was sent here by a friend. Stuff about me, I enjoy writing and books and am a huge nerd and aagain… I'm pretty cool. This was my introduction, I'm kind of tired right now… so my brain doesn't function correctly and that's why my username is what it is and also why this introduction is the way it is.

The end :D

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Note: I am the aforementioned friend, who recruited Josh.


Hi, Josh! Welcome to the Shard!


For the record, you didn't need to say your real name. Honestly, I trust this community, so you're probably safe, but that is sort of the purpose of a username.  :P

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Welcome, Josh! (And kudos to Wonko for the recruiting!) You're in for a great time. There's all sorts of fun stuff to do around here. My favorite hangouts are the Sanderson Memes thread (although most of the jokes are references to Brandon's books, so you might not get ones based on books you haven't read yet) and The Guild of Arts, where the theme is... you guessed it, art!


Also, beware of "cookies." Depending on how far you've gotten into the original Mistborn trilogy, you might or might not understand me when I say "cookie" is the code word around here for a hemalurgic spike.


Edited for typos.

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Hey...maybe I should join the Guild of the Arts........just can't be bothered to do so.


Don't take the cookie, Josh. It is a bad cookie.


Josh, everyone knows that the power of cookie always wins over any........disadvantages.


By eating that cookie you are subjecting yourself to Ruin;s will. Anything that may happen to you is not our responsibility . WARNING you may become delusional and see things that aren't there when you eat that cookie. Oh and Ruin can control you at any time

Have fun

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Agreed. Josh, finish Mistborn! More than any other series, you'll need that one to understand most of the in-jokes on this forum.


Next most relevant to understanding jokes on this forum is probably the Stormlight Archive. (Although you will want to read Warbreaker before Words of Radiance, for sure.)

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Cookies is good. The voice in the back of my head tells me this, and he has assured me that I am perfectly sane.

Voice in the back of your head? Mine's like a blaring trumpet. I spiked myself. 32 times.


*shuffles as if fighting something*

*shoves cookies at Thisismyusername*


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Lord Joshin Yomen, in The Alloy of Law, is named after him. The wedding scene in that book was Josh and Mi'ch's wedding present. Hoid is seen talking to the two of them, the lucky slontzes.

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