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The immortal CancerPuppy.


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Um... how is puppies having cancer adorable? This post is just sad, many people including me have lost dogs to cancer and you're trying to make a joke out of a serious and terrible thing.


I am actually fairly certain the OP's username is a reference to Cancer Puppy, a character from Syfy's show adaptation of Lev Grossman's book series The Magicians. Cancel Puppy is a mascot of some sorts there, an adorable puppy cursed with functional immortality, which has a ton of different cancers (but lives on, because functional immortality). 


So let's be less hasty in our judgment :)

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If you want to speculate on odium go to the first page of cosmere theory's and look for something along the lines of "why odium is more powerful than other shards.

Are you going to do quick fix 13 in Sanderson elimination?

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My dog died of getting hit by a car when I was 10, but I don't get upset anytime someone mentions cars, or makes a joke involving a dog getting hit by a car. How are they supposed to know that I had an experience like that in my life? It would be very self-centered of me to get upset about something they couldn't possibly have known about, nor should I since they obviously aren't referring to my specific situation.  Yeah, cancer sucks, I've lost family and pets to it, but it doesn't hurt to crack a joke every once in awhile to bring some smiles into a dark situation.

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