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Bleeder's Spike [BoM Spoilers]


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Hello there! I have a question you may be able to help with. :)
During the conversation between Wax and Harmony in Chapter 28, Harmony makes a remark about Bleeder's spike:
"Would you have let her live on, a slave in her mind? Corrupted by that cursed spike that would forever leave her scarred, even if replaced?" (pg. 394, emphasis added)


I suppose my question is this: we know that the effect god-metal Atium, Ruin's own metal, works better since it's his magic system, but what happens when you use a different god metal as a part of your magic system? We don't know what Lerasium or Trellium (no idea what to call it, although it seems connected to connect it to Trell as the book does just that) do when used Hemalurgically, except the Trellium will apparently hurt a Kandra beyond repair to use. What's going on here?


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For starters it is known that kandra cannot or should not use any spikes other than the original blessings they were awoken with.

Note the chapter where its said that Tensoon willing gave up one of his own spikes in a vain hope to give the damaged Reluur a few moments clarity. He screamed for their removal. Also Melaan states that it should be impossible, though she can't explain why bleeder could. It is assumed that her ability to switch out metalborn spikes was directly linked to the unknown spike of trell. Which seemed to alter her spirit web into a so far unique but detrimental way.

The influence of the spike forced her to to remove one of her blessings to free herself of harmonys control. Possibly because or the theory linking Trell to Bavadin(Autonomy)

Being without one of the spikes that made her unhinged her conciousness in the same way that afflicted Reluur.

That unhingedness coupled with Trells influence made her the suffering and volitle mess as seen in Shadows of Self.

Also may i add the rambling testimonies and frenzied sketches depicting monsters made by reluur. This wasn't revealed in the Bands of mourning and remains an important mystery regarding trells capabilities with what i gather are his own brand of hemalurgic abominations like the koloss of the first trilogy

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Im thinking southern scadrians who have been stormed with. Seeing as hemalurgic spikes are going wholesale at the moment. If trell is hijacking ruins system, all sorts of nightmarish things could happen.

The humans of scadrial are of both preservation and ruin.. This mystery metal however is alien to the planet. Its essence will be at odds with the natural order across all the realms.

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