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  1. Hello there! I have a question you may be able to help with. During the conversation between Wax and Harmony in Chapter 28, Harmony makes a remark about Bleeder's spike: "Would you have let her live on, a slave in her mind? Corrupted by that cursed spike that would forever leave her scarred, even if replaced?" (pg. 394, emphasis added) I suppose my question is this: we know that the effect god-metal Atium, Ruin's own metal, works better since it's his magic system, but what happens when you use a different god metal as a part of your magic system? We don't know what Lerasium or Trellium (no idea what to call it, although it seems connected to connect it to Trell as the book does just that) do when used Hemalurgically, except the Trellium will apparently hurt a Kandra beyond repair to use. What's going on here?
  2. An interesting note as well is that while Kaladin can manipulate gravity with ease, it could easily be countered with a little steelpushing and weight decreasing. Gravity works according to mass, so it follows that the harder Iron is tapped, the less lashing power Kaladin would have on him. This could easily play into the fight. I would further argue that while Wax has more experience fighting in partial gravity, Kaladin is better at it. Kaladin managed to smack down Szeth, an honorblade holder and full-time gravity-wrenching shardblade assassin with years of experience. While Wax is fantastic at fighting against others who are bound to the ground much more firmly, he has issues with completely flying at the same time as he fights, and his pushes can never get him the same amount of height that Kaladin's lashing to the sky would get him. While Wax struggles to climb a skyscraper, Kal is full-on FLYING high enough to see the entire shattered plains. This opens up the battlefield significantly in Kal's favor. With all of this in mind, I would argue that assuming Kal and Wax could get off the ground fast enough to avoid Wayne interfering hugely with Bendalloy, Kaladin could both outfight and outfly Wax. The only real advantage that Wax would have in this scenario is that Wax would have a ranged weapon while Kaladin has a spear, but Kal obviously has experience in moving around projectiles before they get to him (WoK, pg. 918, Kaladin easily takes every single Parshendi arrow and protects everything around him by putting them on one shield.) I would have to put my money on Kaladin, although I love all three greatly. Oh, and hello to the Forums.
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