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[BoM Spoilers] Deniers of Masks


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I was going to ask the same question again so I might as well revive this one. I could not find any w.o.b. so I will throw out a wild guess and someone will correct me if its wrong (so business as usual). Anyways, my idea is that they are are the the force that Harmony is trying to defend them from (that Wax sees in his most recent visit with God in Bands of Mourning). This force is apparently going under the name of Trell and has their own faceless immortals. I think this force has made a small bridgehead on South Scadrial and is seeking to conquer this area, gaining its technology, before turning its full might towards Elendel.

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15 hours ago, Kingsdaughter613 said:

From what Allik said, it sounded to me like the Deniers were SoScads who had severed themselves from the faith and culture. I wouldn't be surprised if the Shard behind 'Trell' is behind this too though...

I like this idea. Makes sense, since it would tie them into The Lost Metal. I doubt that Brandon just had Allik loredump them to us in order to mess around. They are probably mentioned for a purpose, and them being tied to Trell seems very likely.

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