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Just read storm light and mist born and war breaker and elantris and I'm sort of confused.


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I didn't want to go to the wiki just yet. I hate being spoiled, I'm waiting for secret histories plus other novellas to be released on audiobook. So my question is why do all these places have different magic, different "fairy" type creatures (seon, Spren)? There are gods that fight each other I take and people who have ascended by holding the shard (I love that part) but shouldn't there be continunity between magic? It's the same universe, it should operate by the same system.

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The basic explanation is thus:  the different magic systems are created by an interaction between the Shards and the planets that they're on.  Magic would exist without Shards, but it'd be super low-level stuff that would be scarcely noticeable.  You have different magic systems because 1)  different Shards exhibit different properties based on their Intent, 2)  Shards interacting a planet creates a system, and 3)  Shards interacting with the planet and another Shard creates yet another system.


Also, welcome!

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