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[Secret History spoilers] Last character you read


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Just got a message that reads: You are the main character from the last book you read, who are you?

Now I realized immediately that I would be someone from the cosmere but I had to think a bit to think of what the last book I read was, then I realized that it is of course secret history so I guess I'm a dead Kelsier.  <_<

Still, made me appreciate all over again what an amazing book it is, a book about someone who's already dead and interacts with very few other people, it's mostly just Kelsier all alone. And yet Brandon somehow makes it one of the most interesting and engaging reads yet. :D

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Technically speaking, I'm Silence. The real question is whether or not I'm in the book, because if so, I'd like to opt out. Threnody is terrifying on every possible level, from going vegetarian to storming ghosts. But if I'm not on Threnody then YEAH! I'm Silence rusting Montane, the coolest single mother ever(and that's saying something because almost all single mothers are a 9 on the Radical Scale).

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