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Will Dalinar Ascend and Become Honor?


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I speculate that before the end of SLA Dalinar will assume Honor’s power and become Honor himself. My reasons:


  1. Dalinar is the Bondsmith, currently the only one. His spren is the Stormfather.
  2. I’ve stated elsewhere that Bondsmiths are the purest expression of Honor among the KR orders. They “bind” like Honor himself.
  3. After Honor’s death, the Stormfather assumed Honor’s power.
  4. The Stormfather has yet to manifest itself in the Physical Realm. He refuses to be a “Shard” for Dalinar.
  5. Dalinar is the first character Brandon thought of who is in SLA.
  6. If Odium is ever to be defeated, Honor’s ability to re-bind Odium seems like it would be important. That means his power, now held by the reluctant Stormfather, will have to be exercised as a whole by someone else.


Add it all up, Honor will need to re-appear before the end. Who is a better candidate that Dalinar?


Edited to reflect Matt Snow's correction.

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Honor is currently Splintered, but it is theoretically possible to "put it back together." The Stormfather is a Cognitive reflection of the original Vessel, Tanavast, he didn't actually pick it up himself. The thing is, we've already seen Ascension to Vessels in Mistborn, and it would be somewhat disappointing for each series to end the same way. If Dalinar were to Ascend however, I've no doubt that Brandon will do it differently than he did in Mistborn. I have theorized before that Hoid intends for Dalinar to put Adonalsium back together, because of their conversation about "taking apart a man and putting him back together."

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I think that from what we now know of Shardbearing, one of the few people who could take on the role of Honor would be Dalinar. Would that happen? Possible, probably not until the backend of the series. But that would also give a way a lot about the Cosmere arc, that it isn't just dealing with the fallout and shenanigans of those left in the wake of Adonalsium, someone(s) are starting to put Adonalsium back together. Someone is trying to unite them.

And Hoid, apparently, very much respects House Kholin. Which considering his response to nearly everyone else in the series as trickster, tourist or antagonist, is pretty damnation telling. 

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One thing to consider is that the potential Vessel doesn't have to be similar to the Intent of the Shard they take up. Certainly, it would be easier the more Connected they are, but there are other shenanigans that can interfere. Plus, once the person has well and truly ascended, they'll be molded by the Intent of their Shard. ("Ati was once a kind and generous man, and you saw what became of him.")


I guess some of it comes down to what Hoid wants to do, and whether it wold better fit his end-goal for Honor to be strong, weak, or continue to be splintered. 


...and then whether or not Hoid gets his way. 

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Dalinar is the character MISTER Sanderson first thought of when he conceived SLA. Dalinar’s not the first character he thought of who is in SLA. That might be Zahel/Vasher. But I vaguely recall WoB that Dalinar is the series’ inspirational character once MISTER Sanderson decided to write the series based on Jupiter’s Great Red Spot.


According to Coppermind, Dalinar was a character Sanderson first conceived when he was 15, and later he put him into Dragonsteel (the unpublished version), before finally finalizing his character in SLA.


So maybe I'm reading this wrong, but wouldn't Dalinar be the first character he thought of who is in SLA, and not the character Sanderson first thought of when he conceived SLA? (Basically the opposite of what you type if I understood it correctly.)

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