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I, Too, Have Returned!


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So I saw that some one else had done this and it made sense to do the same.


So...yeah I've been mostly absent from the forms for...gosh over a year. Also at some point, and for some inscrutable reason, I changed my screen name from Serendipity. I am literally bipolar, so feel free to join my delusion that this diagnosis explains/excuses all of my past and future erratic behavior. 


Just finished both Bands of Mourning and Secret History and let's just say that if anything was going to suck me back in, it was those two books. Since this isn't a spoiler thread, I'll jut share my general reaction:




Also, I may or may not have gotten into the Branderson's creative writing workshop at BYU (the real one, not just the lecture). I'm still not entirely convinced this isn't a fever dream. 


And I was just glancing through some Q&A and when the heck did when we officially learn about Frost!?! I'd been so painfully good about being tight lipped because he 

totally is who Hoid is writing to in Stormlight and is totally a dragon.

 Don't ask me to prove these assertions, just know that they are above scrutiny.


I accept positive social feedback in the form of upvotes. Don't be shy!

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