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Hello Everyone


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so i'll start by saying hello and i gotta say it is great to finally be able part of the community.


i gotta say that at first i didn't like brandon sanderson's books.  before you start hating me let me explain.  the first book i bought from him was way of kings because i liked the cover art but every time i would read the prelude i was like this is going to be a long book and stop reading.  a few months later start again the prelude and get discouraged because of the size.


finally after having the book for more than a year and a half, broke, and no other books to read i gave the book my undivided attention.  and whoa i couldn't put it down once syl came into story plot.  i finished the book in about 3-4 days, i was working so it took me a few extra days.  once finished i checked online for the next one and was disappointed words of radiance was a long time before it came out so i dived into mistborn since the trilogy was already complete and read them in a week all three,  then elantris and warbreaker followed soon after. i bought alloy of law because i found it for $5 in a book store but didn't read until this last year because i didn't want to wait too long for the next installment.  


the only books/stories i haven't read are the short stories because it doesn't seem fair to pay for a book only to read a few pages from my favorite author and i don't like ebooks also.


so in short, after many years of neglecting Brandon Sanderson's books i am now a loyal fan...


one more thing Brandon, if you are reading this could you probably finish all of the cosmere novels in less than 20 years i want to be alive to get to read them all...thank you!!!  :D

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First of all, I like to warn new members about a group called the Dark Alley. They have a habit of offering Hemalurgic spikes disguised as cookies. You are free to accept them, but it will mean a spike stabbed through a part of your body.


Secondly, Sanderson occasionally has AMA's on this site where we ask him questions and he answers. Since I joined in October, we have not had any, though. It's probably good that he doesn't spend a lot of time on here, so he has more time to devote to writing.

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