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Delurking in 3, 2, 1...

Old Terrisman

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So I joined 17th Shard a long time ago, (though not in a far away cosmere), and left, but recently I caught up again after rereading all of Brandon's works recently. How did I miss all those awesome things! Admittedly, I've checked in every now and again to see what's been happening, but not very frequently or for very long.


Anyways, I'm now very excited for Bands of Mourning, and Alcatraz 5, and SA 3 when it comes (FINALLY), and I'm excited to come back!




Anywhere you guys recommend I check out?

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...do you know what the cookies are? They are usually Hemalurgic.

Yes, they are hemalurgic. And DELICIOUS! You can enjoy a nice hemalurgic cookie, gain magic powers, and then if you like it we can shove spikes through the hearts of people directly into your body. 

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