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Hello, 17th Shard!


First, I just want to thank all of you for how you've illuminated our beloved Brandon Sanderson's work, finding the clues that I never would have noticed on my own. You've taught me what to look for, and given my own theory engine a constant (and somewhat time consuming) source of fuel. Consider this a heartfelt "Thank You All!"


Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm a US citizen but I've lived most of my adult life abroad. I've primarily taught high school (mostly mathematics and science, though I've also done history and English, and even elementary from time to time) in the Caribbean and South America. I think of myself as a pretty adventurous person. I've been married for going on five years and I have a master's degree in a language related field.


I've been widely known as a storyteller since I was a teenager and I started writing down (as opposed to composing) original stories about 10 years ago. I write primarily literary fantasy and science fiction, as well as other genres with a sci-fi twist. I'm big on worldbuilding and deep background, exploring major themes, and significant interconnectedness. I haven't published anything yet but I'm planning to change that.


I am, of course, a big fan of Mr Sanderson's writing. I originally discovered Brandon Sanderson's work when he was announced to complete the Wheel of Time, but I didn't really dig into his books until after A Memory of Light. And I was, as most of us were, completely blown away. I read the Mistborn trilogy first and the ending absolutely changed the way I approach the modern fantasy scene. I'm deeply indebted to Mr Sanderson for rekindling both my enjoyment of and my belief in fantasy as a living genre. I feel that he is really taking fantasy in the direction that I believe it should be going, and he has given me the courage to finally make my own contribution.


The reason I've decided to go ahead and post here is that I decided a few months ago to start actually putting my writing out there. I have a project that I wrote last summer that I'm planning on self-publishing in the next few months. I am hoping to find some encouragement and, hopefully, some beta readers who would be willing to help me make the next few steps. I tend to be very retiring about my work, so this is a big step for me. I will be posting (somewhere... I think I saw a sub-forum for writing groups before) asking for volunteers for beta readers. I'd certainly be interested in joining a writing group if there's an active one. I'm certainly not trying to advertise or anything, just looking to join a community of like-minded enthusiasts. The 17th Shard has been so beneficial to me so far, I just feel that this is one of the best places to ask for beta readers. 


So, thanks again and, well, hi!

    The Hunter

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I'm so confused by the cookies and root beer. Don't get me wrong, they are two of my favorite things in the whole universe. Separately, of course, and only chocolate chip cookies, but still.

Why separate? I understand the part clarifying non-Hemalurgy, but I see nothing wrong with chocolate cookies and root beer.
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