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Hello all, Free chocolate cake...


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...is always nice isn't it? But anyway now that I have your attention I'll introduce myself in my usual rambling way.


First of all I am a chocolatier so how I lured you in here wasn't a total lie, I work at a cake shop called Slattery's in Manchester. I mostly focus on finishing Chocolate Wedding and Birthday cakes but also do whatever other bits, pieces and bars are needed.


I started reading Brandon's books when my sister gave me The Final Empire for Christmas, instantly hooked, all books devoured since. When he came to Manchester for The Alloy Of Law signing I was one of the few who had not read any of the Wheel of time books and knew him purely for his own work. That was November, I asked for the first few WoTs for Xmas that year then demolished the series in January foolishly thinking that the final one was only a few months away.


I'd learned about the chapter annotations on his website fairly quickly (wow, it's like a directors commentary for books!!) so I've quite regularly checked his website to see what's new (Monday 20%, Tuesday 20%, Wednesday 20%, Thursday 24%. 4% more, WOO!!) I've likewise been aware of this forum and the coppermind Wiki for quite a while but only very rarely peeked in to either. I've been addicted to TV tropes for some years and done a bit of editing there on Brandon Sanderson pages (and others) every now and again. I've been reading articles on Tor.com since I learned about it through BS and tv tropes but have only registered there to add my own comments in the last year or so.


Brandon Sanderson related topics aside for now - I have a youtube channel -ChocolatierRob - where I post (well, posted) Plot walkthroughs for video games. These are a niche area of walkthroughs that are more than just collections of cutscenes but only contain enough gameplay to flesh them out into something more cinematic . These include the Legacy of Kain series, the Prince of Persia trilogy and Vagrant Story (where my sig below is taken from... mostly). These games all have great stories and atmospheres so feel free to check them out.

I made them at first just for my own enjoyment but started putting them on youtube just to see what happened then improved them when they gathered some interest. I included lots of extra background info in the notes below the videos and ended up joining the Eidos forums to get advice and opinions on the extra info for the LoK games. While I can occaisionally be found lurking online there, more recently I've shifted to the Nosgoth section of the Square Enix forums where I've also started a Legacy of Kain trivia quiz (based on a general Squeenix trivia quiz that was already there).


 Is there a similar quiz about BS related topics on this forum?

The general rules were/are/would be that one person asks a question and the first person to post the correct answer gets to post the next question upon confirmation. It's fun but recommended for mods to administer


I guess that's all of me for now but I'll just post a few BS related comments or edits from Tor.com or TVtropes I've made that you may have noticed. -


Tor WoR preview -

Mind too fogged over with a need for more...
...but how do you use a spanreed on a boat?


Woo Hoo, we've foxed Mr Reread Archive Ardent.


I'm all for listening to some really creative lies.
How about that assassination attempt with the spandagger fabrial in chapter 26, there Kaladin was inspecting knives in the armory when one of them leapt off the rack straight for his eye. Luckily he was saved by a nearby (hidden) King's Wit who managed to steel push it off course, the assassin hidden at the back of the room getting yanked into the open by his conjoined weapon.


TVtropes Alloy of law WMG-

Bloodmakers can be killed with a single bullet to the heart

All you would need is the correct metal to hemalurgically steal their ability to heal. It just depends on whether they need to be dead for the bullet/spike to steal the piece of their soul, it's a bit of a chicken and egg scenario. Perhaps it won't work until the bloodmaker runs out of healing anyway.

* Word of God says that a single bullet 'could' kill by stealing the healing ability. He said that death is normally a prerequisite of stealing a power so a blood maker who is still healing should be immune, but the bullet will still damage the soul and interrupt the healing. Basically it could work by cheating.

(I thought of this and asked him during the Alloy book tour, apparently he's given a more detailed answer recently)


OK that's it. Did I mention my tendancy to ramble on?


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