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Thoughts on the Diagram


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Not necessarily.  In addition to what Moogle mentioned, it's worth nothing that the goal of the Diagram isn't to stop the Everstorm or even to stop the True Desolation.  It's entirely possible that the time frame for the Diagram is something like Destabilize world --> Everstorm comes --> Pick up the pieces --> Profit! (er, I mean, Save humanity).

Exactly what I was thinking. If the various countries are damaged during the everstorm, but there are still leaders in place, then there is still a chance of fighting. It is shown time and again in zombie movies/shows. Everyone is ok as long as the leader is competent and everyone does as they are told. The minute one of the people decide "hmmm I can do better" and starts to work against the leader, does everything fall apart. So I feel the Diagram's logic is remove anyone in power, so when the apoclypse comes, Mr. T can come in and pick up the pieces uniting everyone without worry about infighting which would make the voidbringer's jobs easier. 

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