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Hello all!


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I was told by the internet to post here first, and who am I to question the internet?


Anyway, for the sake of introductions, I'm Alex. I just finished reading WOK for the third time, and figured I should start a presence here in anticipation of the flurry of revelations that I'm sure will follow the release of WOR. (In all honesty, it was kicked off by the chapters released by tor today. There's just SOOO much to pick through now!)


I've been a long time reader of various posts and theories but haven't posted anything, as I've been playing catch up ever since I first finished WOK. As far as espoused theories, there's not much I could say that hasn't already been said before; the 17th shard is on the purelake, Hoid is writing the letter (though have yet to see why it can't be a shardholder), and Baxil's mistress is Shalash... I suppose one thing to add is that if Shalash is alive, that implies that all of the other heralds are as well. Anyway, I'm sure there is lots more to learn and WOR is sure to add tons of awesome stuff to that pile.



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Welcome to the 17th Shard!


And yes, this is a rather exiting time to join us. And don't be frightened if you feel daunted by all the theorycrafting and referencing to discussions long past. Just ask, and people are usually happy to link to the relevant material.


Other than that, have fun!

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Welcome, Alex.  An exciting time to join up with the new chapters on Tor.  One little tidbit on the Heralds that Brandon gave us is that all of the Heralds were mentioned or seen in WoK.  That makes for a lot of cameos.


In any case, glad to have you with us.

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