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Help with new Gamertag


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Hey everyone.


I want a new Gamertag on my Xbox-Account...

I wanted something Mistborn (or maybe Stormlight Archive) related.

Some names are of course already taken and the ones I like don't work cause of the limitations...

The limitations are: 15 symbols, only letters, numbers and space. No numbers at the begginings.


My fought was "SliverOfInfinity" (for Rashek) but that has 16 Symbols....

I don't like skipping the "of" or writting just an O or a F... any idea how I could write that?


Other thought was "SurvivorOfMists". That would work, but I like the other more...


Any other cool ideas? :)

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Well thanks already for that many ideas :P 

First, I don't get 2 of them... and when i tried to check it on coppermind i didn't find anything...

And that are 



Lol sorry, can you tell me what both of them are :P


HeroOfAges is taken already... FacelessImmortal is to long, and the other ideas aren't bad, but I don't like them that much, sorry :P 


Like I said... the best of Mistborn. Even better, Kelsier, Rashek or Marsh related (Ironeyes is taken sadly...)

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FweedleOotTooty is simply because the kokopelli that suggested it plays the pipes.


OoklaTheGamer seems to have something to do with the Ookla craze going round the 17th Shard right now. I don't understand it either, which is why I've taken the title Ookla the Confused.


Are you into rock music? In which case, you could go for the Scadrial equivalent of HeavyMetal - InvestedIron.

Or maybe become Sazed - HarmonysShard.

Or perhaps become a Kandra - BonesOfKelsier.

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