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Introducing newbies


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Didn't know if this or general would be the right forum for this.

All storylines with the depth and complexity of the cosmere are always more entertaining with friends in the know to conversate and theorize with...

I have a hard time breaking down what exactly the sanderson universe is when describing it to the unitiated...

"Best world builder ever", "massively intricate magic systems", "incredibly simple yet subtle storytelling" don't really mean anything to the layman book-reader...

How do you pull friends and family into this 'series'

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I tell them to first read the Mistborn series as a starting point after asking a series of questions, especially if they don't typically read fantasy books:


1a) Do you enjoy or think you enjoy the idea of fantasy novels?

      1b) If yes, then ask if they like or would like novel forms of magic systems that aren't "wizard shoots fire balls"

2) Do you like books that have well-written and relatable characters?

3) Do you enjoy when authors don't follow genre tropes?

4) Do you like books that are plot and character driven?

5) Do you like books with rich, complex, and deep worlds that are well thought out?


If they seem to say yes to most of these, I then tell them about Brandon and physically hand them my copy of The Final Empire. It's worked so far with my mother and two colleagues. 


Oh, and don't forget, my colleagues always see me reading books and ask me what I'm reading since it's on a Kindle. That just gives me an easy in to describe the awesomeness of the Cosmere. 

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(The right forum would probably be general brandon discussion)

In any case. Depends on the person.

I've sent Cosmere memes to someone so much that they finally picked up a book. I threw a book at another friend. Had an in-depth worldbuilding discussion with another. I have no idea how I got my mom into it..

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Welcome to the Shard! Avoid the cookies, they are secretly spikes.

I would like to know how to do this. I have a younger brother who has read Alloy of Law and the Alcatraz books, and, I'm sorry to say, can't be convinced to read any other of his books. A major contributor is likely that, since I read very quickly, I don't see much use in buying books, taking away his ability to simply agree, and pick up the book.

My school's library only has one book by Sanderson, Firefight, and he is forbidden to read it until he's read Steelheart. (My only logic for this flaw is that my school's librarian is one of the Librarians that is keeping the Hushlands in ignorance.

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