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Sanderson Collection


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Hi everyone,


I'd like to make this thread a place, where everyone can show of his / her Collection of Sanderson related things.

Books, Shirts, Jewelery (like the Metalvials he sells on his website, or whatever).


My inspirations to do that: of course I'd like to see all the stuff you other Sanderfans got.

But more important: I found out that specially books in other languages have different covers (for example: search once for polish or spanish Mistborn covers. They're amazing). I love to draw, already drew my own tattoos, and now I'd like to try some Sanderson related stuff. So, this thread is perfect to get some Inspiration ;)


I'll post my pictures later, as soon when I'm home (german and english books).


I hope you guys find it interesting as well, and post many pictures of your collection here ;):)

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So, here's my collection.

Mostly, german and english books.

Sadly Mistborn 1-3 are missing on german, as a friend is reading them, same with Way of Kings:

About Stormlight Archive:

In german they've split each of the books up to 2 seperate books. Way of Kings is "Der Weg der Könige" and "Der Pfad der Winde" and Words of Radiance are *Die Worte des Lichts" and "Die Stürme des Zorns".

For the books i don't have here, I post some cover-pictures from google.

Mistborn trilogy is "Kinder des Nebels", "Krieger des Feuers" and "Herrscher des Lichts".

Sturmklänge is Warbreaker, Jäger der Macht is Alloy of Law.


Please post now your collection, I'm curious what all you've got :) I've anything is unclear about mine, just ask :)






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