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Okay so what's this?? A wolf sim game?? Wow.

Anyway, WolfQuest was this huge part of my childhood oh my.

The premise of the game is that you're a wolf surviving in Yellowstone. Its realistic, too, unlike most wolf games now //cough cough feralheart // and follows a simple but fun story, you find a mate, raise pups, hunt, defend your pups, and in the end you take them on a final journey. Sadly it ends there, but I easily foress more chapters.

Its been out for ages now, actually, but tomorrow its getting a huge overhaul. 2.7 is being released!

2.5 introduced weather and such, but didn't do much for the game's system. 2.7 is a complete overhaul, the models redone and textured, the landscape edited. The demo is out, and I've been playing through it. Its far harder than the original first level, which excites me. There's also a new map, multiplayer system overhaul (I don't play mp though, but if some sharders joined we could totally do a thing).

I'm skybreaker on the forums, and intend to snag the same multiplayer account.

The demo is free, but the game will cost $10 in full, more than reasonable honestly. There is also an app in the making, free but you purchase addons.

More about the new system


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Yeah, it was glitchy and fairly easy.

Its not harder per say, its just way more time consuming. You have to hit a certain number of XP points now before dispersal wolves start spawning in territories so you can find your mate.

You can also set difficulties now, and it affects the number of already dead carcasses, enemies, etc. There is now weather and wind direction (they had weather in 2.5 but it did nothing for the gameplay.) that affects scent view, so rain washes it away, wind blowing towards you will give you more scent than wind blowing away, etc.

Also the graphics are better, which is a huge plus.

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Yeah, its pretty nice now. Still a "cupcake" game but relieving to play. I've mainly enjoyed running about with the new graphics.

in any case, some screenshots

the full game has yet to release, as far as i'm aware.


yes my wolf is named nynaeve shut





dawn (i believe it was) is my favorite time of day to play in.

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