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How it works is this:

  • Somebody posts a song.
  • Please make an effort to listen to the posted song before posting yourself, though it's not necessary. Once you do...
  • Tell us what you thought. Then post a song of your own!
The idea here is to both share your favorite songs and try out some new songs at the same time. But in a funner way than simply saying, "Hey! You should go listen to this."

Of course, it goes without saying that you should keep it all clean. ;) Also, try to keep it short. It would be a bit much if everybody went around posting two-hour-long symphonies.

So, to start us off, I'll recommend Avicii's Broken Arrows. Honestly, I just heard it for the first time today. But I bought it withing five minutes, it was that good. Catchy song, awesome lyrics... yeah.

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First, might I say you have good taste in music? I'd put this as a song to listen to to take your attention away from other things, rather than something to help you focus on other things - the difference between listening to music for enjoyment and listening to music to pass the time. The uneven transitions of the vocals did more to hold my interest, when static, predictable changes in vocals would have me relegate this to something to put on in the background while I study. I wouldn't call Broken Arrows a song that makes you feel active, but it is a song which made me feel energetic enough to get up and stop procrastinating. It's not a song that tells you to start dancing, but it is a song that tells you to stop sitting around and do something.


And now for my submission - if necessary, plug your ears before I expose you to my  terrible taste in music. :P



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In Broken Arrows, I think, Avicii is encouraging someone who is in despair. Maybe, the singer loves him, and the other person is oblivious of his feelings. That's a guess.


Any ways, the lyrics, "You will find the light that leads home", remind me of "And all the lights that lead the way, are blinding".


The song, I'm referring to is easy to find.


Here it is:-



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Adamir: That was quite the uplifting song! I'm usually leery about new musicians (really my leeriness at new things) but I quite enjoyed that!

Hood: Coincidentally, I'd had the tune of this in my head in my head all day yesterday but couldn't place it. Now it's stuck in my head today, though it's a good one to have stuck. Very nice song by a band I'd never heard of :/ probably my afformentioned hesitance towards new-ness.

Now for my suggestion. I have so many things to suggest, so I'll probably be frequenting this thread but I'll go with "Nightmare" by NateWantsToBattle. Now, this song IS based on five nights at freddy's, but the way he's written it is so that it can have a deeper meaning and be a genuinely good song without any FNAF connections. The original format is a heavier rock song, but there is a more feels-y acoustic version if you enjoy that better (I like and have both versions equally)

Original: https://youtu.be/5U7bCSZ4NBA

Acoustic: https://youtu.be/i52SWZVN5Ko

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  • 1 month later...

Okay, I guess my turn now.

Amrynn, I enjoyed your song for the full 2-3 minutes I heard it. Even as a person who doesn't know the whole fnaf storyline, the song still made deeper sense to me, and I would definitely recommend it to others. Thanks for the song!

Now, as for my song, I recommend The One That Got Away by The Civil Wars.

Unfortunately, I am on a mobile right now, and hence am not able to create a hyperlink, so copy and paste the link in your Web browser -

Happy listening.

Note: the song is not a happy one, so, don't blame me if you slip into sadness (it's not that sad though)

EDIT:I didn't know that the link would work if I just pasted it. But, there you go.

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Good riffs, good song.

Unfortunately, I was already feeling down and this didn't help a lot.

Like the video, though. Kinda reminded me of back in the depression era, trains and runaways and such.


This song won't help much either.

Apparently this song was used in the movie Leon: The Professional.

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Me again! Thought I'd continue this thread.

ThirdGen, I'd like to congratulate you on making me hear a very wierd song. Generally, where I come from, I'm the one who listens to wierd song, but this one beats them all! A 8/10 is what I'd give. :)

And, now, for my turn, I propose this-

Inspiration by Gipsy Kings.

A very good instrumental piece mainly focusing on guitars.

Hope that formatting worked. :)

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Mark IV, thank you for that. Though it made me want to learn to play guitar. But that's hard. And time consuming. So I won't. But I will enjoy this song.

As for my suggestion, "The Impresario" by OC Remix, namely Jake Kaufman. It's kind of long, but it's a rock-oprah version of a song from Final Fantasy VI. Hope that you like it:

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  • 2 months later...

Ive just never been able to get into Sabaton, there is something missing for me. They are more fun with a couple friends or live, great live band.


I guess I need to keep my persona up and greatly disturb everyone...


Oxbow - Down a stair backwards

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Morzathoth that was... exhausting  :blink: It was first time that I've listened to something that wasn't bad, didn't make me turn it off immediately, but when it ended I felt tired. I think it was the guitar that made me feel that way. 


Now, let me try to find a song that I find disturbing/scary/creepy:


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I have never played Silent Hill, I really need to. I was a bit too young back when the PS2 was a thing though and I had a Gamecube... *Still only has Nintendo Consoles, some things never change...*


I like the song. It is creeping, but beautiful.


How about a momentary descent into madness? (Has to keep the creepy song theme going XD)


Crimson Glory - Lost Reflection

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Wow.  I liked that a lot, Morzazoth.


Although it's from a completely different culture, the song reminded me a bit of China's "Zou Xikou" genre of folksong.  They are songs of parting for when loved ones are preparing to leave town to support their families, likely never  to return in person.


Like your song, they are sad and strange, with somewhat abrasive and occasionaly full-throated vocals.


One of my favorite female "zou xikou" singers is Linna Gong:


One of my favorite male singers in the genre is Wang Xiangrong: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/d5zqbQflCWk?union_id=102197_100001_01_01


Take your pick.  I like both of them quite a lot.

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Wow, this thread is a real downer, don't you kids listen to anything with a beat anymore?

Hey, Mark VI - that Civil Wars song is awesome - the video is superb - you got my single upvote so far.

Anyway, pin your ears back, and tap your feet to this beauty...

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...and props to Slowswift, great idea, great thread - although I might have carped a bit, I have listened to all the tunes and learnt some interesting things.

p.s. if it's songs about U-boats you want, it's got to be Rammstein :)

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Enjoyed the classic build up of rhythm, bring in the guitar and then vocals after a lead in. Almost has the musical setting of a grungy young adult band but a Smiths-like sad quality to the vocals and the overall mood  is quite pensive despite the upbeat rhythm. I like the lyrics and the focus on the conception of inspiration for art, and generally quite enjoyed it.


Very different, and picked to be different what what has been picked above, I offer some musical theatre -





I love a variety of musical and though I know that it isn't seen as cool I have a special place in my heart for musicals (for the blend of story and character telling styles) and Disney, but I LOVE this song, both as a demonstration of tenor singing but also the look into despair and message of hope it moves into

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@Robinski -

Glad to have that upvote. :D

@IndigoAjah -

The vocals were beautiful in my opinion. But, for me, the song was too slow. Granted, it is a sad one in a musical, so, I'd expect it to be a bit slow.

If it is a favourite of yours, then I'd say it's an overall good choice.

For my song, descending further into sadness, I present -

This song's all about the outlaws, the outliers, and the odd ones out that march to the beat of their own drummer. Often times an outsider can become the hero of the story and go on to triumphant pursuits with happy endings. However, sometimes in our society the outsider speaks such a different language we misunderstand and vilify the otherwise beautiful and innocent. Mademoiselle Noir is one such harrowing tale of a woman who was misunderstood by the people around her and met a tragic fate. This beautiful story was contributed to the OUTSIDERS collaboration first as a song by ppeppina (Finland) and then brought to life with key illustrations by sojushots (New Zealand), animation by MarieIv (Russia) and orchestrations by Krrr (USA). The piece was further developed by the hitRECord community by providing macabre illustrations and eerie musical accompaniment.

(That description is copied from the video's own description)

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Hope no one minds me chiming in again, but I've heard this song before, and I've loved it.

But, anyone care to explain the connection between the song and the lyrics? Or is this one of those bands whose videos and lyrics don't match?

I'll wait for someone else to post their song before doing mine. (I'm afraid my whole library would be shared, if I didn't wait. :P)

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So, the lyrics list a variety of things, good and bad but mostly good.  The wind takes them away from us (l'emportera).  We can't hold on to anything, we lose everything.


The same wind of change that steals everything from us also carries us through life (nous portera).  Without change, we are nothing, but that doesn't mean we have to like it.


The video lays out a specific example of the song's theme: the wind carries away the boy's mother, and destroys his sandcastle.


Or at least that's my interpretation of it all.

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Catchy beat, nice and simple, a lot of soul to it. Really enjoyable experience. I swear I've heard it before, too!



A classic rock cover from me now, from probably the best artist I have seen live:



Edited to a better version

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Yay Santana!


This will be my last post on this thread for a while, I promise.


Santana trivia: Will Lang only had room to allow either Santana or It's a Beautiful Day to play at Woodstock.  He liked both bands equally, so he flipped a coin.  Santana won, went to Woodstock, and became famous.  It's a Beautiful Day did not.


If we were still going with the sad/creepy theme, I'd recommend It's a Beautiful Day's "Girl with No Eyes."

However, since we've moved on to happy songs, lets go with St Paul and the Broken Bones instead.

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