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I'm obviously very new here...


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Welcome longmatthewjohnson, glad to have you with us.  As a clue to #8 on the Shardhunt, I recommend the wiki tab and going to the Mistborn pages.


Edit:  That was weird, I only got the notification about cem's post right before I posted, but cem posted way before me.

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So, I am relatively new to this site, and have NO IDEA where to go or what do for clue number 8 on the Shardhunt. I feel really bad, cuz noone else has asked for help on this... But I got over my pride, and here I am. Any help, please? :)

Dude, relax. You are not the only one who couldn't find that one. Just follow my fellow Sharders' advice and take a look around the Coppermind wikia.


Other than that, welcome to the 17th Shard, and good luck with the rest!

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