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Hello there 17th shard! I'm creating a new RP that I hope people will enjoy, and this is the worldbuilding and character development thread before we actually get started if enough people want to join. Here's a bit of information about it-

Mistborn RP set in a modern day city. No full MIstborns, no Atium, but we do have "Triborns"- people with 2 Allomantic powers and 1 Feruchemic, and vice versa. Triborn a are very rare as the power can only come from a hemalurgic spike, which are placed in a very expensive operation.

(I'm sorry but there will not be use of guns. I'm from Australia and we have no guns so I'm not familiar with them or the intricacies of gun use, and I just don't generally like guns.

So lets begin! I'm happy to take any worldbuilding/plot suggestions from anyone who is interested in joining.

My Character- Liam Darke. Triborn- got the spike at a young age, but does not fully understand the power his extra steel gives him with his feruchemy, as he can compound but has another metal.

He has-

Steel, Chromium for Allomancy. Steel feruchemy. Uses skills mostly for vigilante justice and the occasion illegal actions. Is training at the Cantria Academy of the Metallic Arts- CAMA for short. Lives in the central area of the city in an apartment.

Average height, a bit light on. Semi-tanned skin. Hazel eyes, light brown hair usually swept hastily to the side. Slightly Muscled but not very much. a kind and curious young man (early 20's).

Flaws are in judgemental nature and short temper.

So, I hope you get involved! I'm open for and welcoming of any new characters and suggestions. I don't really have a plot yet, I have a basic idea- Team of allomancers/feruchemists team up to investigate mysterious events involving unexplained powers, then the discovery of new Metals pushes them into something big. Hoping it will go well from there, but again all suggestions are welcome and appreciated.


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