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Crackpot Nalan theory


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In Words of Radiance, during Lift's interlude something really bugged me. Throught the whole chapter we get a sense that Lift is very attuned with nature and has a good sense for living things over all. Then she thinks this.

"But of cource, Darkness want a real person. Of that, though little else, she was sure."

This is supported by Windle seeming very convinced that there was something very wrong with Nalan as well.

So what do you guys think this could mean. During my first few read throughs I thought it was just Lift dehumanizing Nalan because he is a ruthless murderer. On my most recent one I got a little suspicious. My most recent theory is that he might be WalDo the Kandra, but he might be something we have never seen before. Let me know what you guys think.

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Good catch. There's definitely things Brandon isn't quite ready to tell us about the Heralds, but he's dropping breadcrumbs so we have a trail to follow once we hit the second half. I wouldn't be surprised if she's at least a little accurate, and that somehow the heralds "died" to take up their positions.


There's also the very simple explanation that she doesn't think of him as a real person because he's somewhat immortal.

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