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"I Haven't Even Killed Your..." Who?

Zea mays

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Is Bleeder trying to tell Wax something he doesn't yet realize about his familiar relationships? Why such emphasis on the back-story with uncle and the coin and everything?


If it turns out that uncle Edwarn is actually (search your feelings Wax, you know it to be true) our hero's biological father, well, that would be the untwistiest plot twist ever. The narrative equivalent of a precision straight line. :blink:


I wonder how Mr. Sanderson can re-bend this one.




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When Bleeder said this particular line she wasn't referring to his father or future father-in-law or even uncledaddy. He meant the Survivorist priest that she nailed to the wall.


Edit: I believe that it was inferred that this was the priest wax and Steris picked out to officiate their wedding ceremony.

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