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Link Hopping on the Coppermind


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So, everyone knows the trick on Wikipedia, about following the first link, right? If you hadn't heard, here's how it works. If you go to a random page on Wikipedia, and click on the first link on the page (ignoring italicized or those links in parentheses) and the first link on each subsequent page, eventually you'll end up at the Philosophy article. I was kind of curious as to what would happen if I tried it on the Coppermind.

Turns out, it ends up on the Ken Jennings page, which I found enormously amusing. You have to follow the same rules for the Wikipedia tricks, with the added caveat that you ignore external links. Also, if you follow a link that leads to a subsection of a page, you need to click on the first link on the page, not the subsection. I haven't found an exception yet, but I thought that it was pretty funny.

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Having just done it myself, it makes perfect sense.  Eventually, you'll find an article about X book written by Brandon Sanderson.  This is a link to the proper page.  From there, the first link on his page is the Ken Jennings page.

Exactly! Either that or you end up going from some concept -> world -> cosmere -> Brandon -> Ken Jennings

Although I've heard some reports from Eric that on some of our terrible Legion articles this falls through for now...

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