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Hello All!


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Hi, my name's Chrono. I've actually been hanging around 17th Shard for a while, but I was too lazy to actually create an account until now. :P Anyways, I first heard about Brandon from my brother, who heard about it from his roommate at college. He talked about the Mistborn Trilogy, and I shelved it away as another one of those silly suggestions from my family to read some book they loved. Boy, was I wrong!

A few months passed, and I remembered my brother's suggestion. I was really fed up because I couldn't find a good book to read, so I picked up The Final Empire at the library and gave it a try. I finished the book addicted, and then I started going after every single book I could find that was written by Brandon. I really love his unique magic systems and vivid characters- which was exactly what I was looking for in a good fantasy novel.

Anyway, I'll quit blabbing on and on. Hello all!

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