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Hello and a Small Question.


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Heya everyone! I'm a new Brandon Sanderson fan, not even a month has passed since I stumbled upon his Warbreaker story in Wattpad and thank goodness I have the right mind to search more of his stories and now I'm caught. Hook, Line and Sinker. I finally joined this forum cause I wanna be able to discover and unearth the Cosmere Mysteries! I can't wait to see it all comes to a head, but for the meantime I'm content to piece over the little hints and make my own theories. So glad there was a wiki for these to somehow sate my wondering mind. OhhhhhhhhHhhhh I am so excited!

Umm, can anyone please specify the exact book titles that are set in the cosmere? The wiki doesn't specify it much.

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Steelheart is not cosmere.



But Sixth of the Dusk is cosmere.


Also, welcome to the forums! :)


But of course, for the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with this story, it is not yet released.  The only thing we have so far (that I am aware of) is a reading here.

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