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Pokemon Black and White


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Mind if I change this to a general Black and White discussion thread? I don't have my friend code yet, but I sure as heck want to discuss Pokemon.

First off, I would like to say that I have not complained once playing through this game. I complained (a lot) about Diamond/Pearl and Ruby/Sapphire. Black/White is awesome. I was at Disneyland today and I can honestly say I was more interesting in Pokemon than Disneyland. That is how much I am loving this.

Team Plasma is interesting. I'm to the eighth gym (I have put in a lot of time into it this week), and I really hope they resolve some character issues in Plasma, or I will be disappointed. But dear god, people, there's character development in a freaking Pokemon game. The bad guys do stuff. The good guys have their crap together instead of laying in their gyms ineffectually. They are getting me to discuss theme about why I play Pokemon in the first place!

This game has taught me what's good about Pokemon. The formula can work, it just needs to be executed properly. For the first time in a long time, I think they've done it right. It's restored my faith in the series. (Not that I'd have stopped playing them, because I still love it. But it's good to have reminders why I love this series)

You'd be surprised how much more active the battles seem with those animations.

Next, some reviews of the game are complaining about the Pokemon choice, but I like them. Lots of people seem to rag on Trubbish, but that thing is wicked cute and no one can say otherwise. There are lots of interesting Pokemon, both cute and powerful. For example, check out Eelektross (http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-bw/604.shtml). He's electric. He has Levitate, so he is immune to all ground moves. He is weak to nothing, and he can learn Crunch, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, and Rock Slide. That's strong against nine types, if I count right. Sure, he's a little slow, but let me assure you--because I have him on my team--that this is hardly a concern. He could also learn cool things like Dragon Claw, if that's what you like.

I would bash on the lack of a good Alakazam/Espeon clone. For a long time, the "really fast psychic that has a ridiculous special attack" was a staple of my Pokemon teams. One of my essential slots, in fact, because he would have both Psychic and Shadow Ball. Lots of psychic/ghosts/darks can fit this role (Espeon and Mismagius are my favorites), but in Black, there doesn't seem to be anything like this. And... somehow I'm okay with this. Dark, as a type, gets some awesome Pokemon, so requiring a team to have a Psychic+Shadow Ball thing is no longer necessary. Lots of Pokemon can learn Crunch, and it's much more effective to use against a Ghost or Psychic than, well, a Ghost of Psychic. That was always kind of awkward.

My current team, because I think it'd be interesting to share some of the bizarre type mixings that exist.

(All at level 41 right now)

Samurott. Water - Surf, Razor Shell, False Swipe, X-Scissor

Comments: Sure would love an ice move on him, especially since I'm at the Dragon gym right now. Alas, none to be found. This saddens me. Ice Beam is a staple for me. Apparently judging by other reviews, people think this form of Oshawott looks weird. I don't know what they are talking about. This sea lion is BA.

Sawk. Fighting - Brick Break, Rock Slide, Dig, Strength

Comments: You get Sawk right after Nacrene City, and should you get him? Heck yes. Of all my third evolutions, you know who still has the highest Attack score? Sawk. He's speedy and powerful, just what I like most in a Pokemon.

Sigilyph. Psychic/Flying - Psybeam, Shadow Ball, Fly, Reflect

Comments: In my quest to find the right Psychic Pokemon... well, there are no easy answers. I typically don't use Pokemon that don't evolve, but I was using Woobat/Swoobat, and realized quickly that Sigilyph was much stronger.

Eelektross. Electric - Spark, Crunch, Thunder Wave, Rock Slide.

Comments: I already told you what I thought of this Pokemon up above. He's awesome. The fact that he's kicking butt with Spark instead of my usual Thunderbolt should tell you how strong he is. I need some more TMs to make him better, though.

Krookodile. Ground/Dark - Crunch, Dig, Rock Slide, Mud-Slap

Comments: Here's that dark type. I always like a good ground type (none of this pure Rock. I want my Electric resistance), and Sandile came with the extra added attraction of Dark on top of it. He's strong, but I need to be careful to not let him go up against anything he's weak to (of which there's a lot), because his defense isn't good enough to block an attack like that.

Slot Six - Empty.

Yes. For once, I'm not using six Pokemon (okay, that's not fair. I have an Egg :P). Normally this would be taken with a dedicated Psychic, but I don't have one of those. I should probably have a Grass or a Fire, but I have to be feeling it to use those types. They aren't essential, by any means.

Since I'm on Black, I can think of nothing better than to fill this slot with Reshiram. Dragon/Fire? Yes. That will fill out the team nicely.

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I'm slow. I've had the game for about a week, maybe a little less, and I'm only past the first gym. I'm not loving my starter, Tepig, especially since he looks so lame in his later forms, so I might restart and go with someone else. My rule with Pokemon is, as always, my team MUST look cool. Power doesn't matter, 'cause I can win with anything - I just have to look good doing it.

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Holy crap guys, that ending was amazing.

My Emboar just swept the entire seventh gym without taking a single point of damage. Awesome. Hmm... I thought I had found the Ice Beam TM, but then I remembered that Vanillush just learns it naturally. It's gotta be in there somewhere!

It does exist, but it's after the Elite Four in Giant Chasm.

I'm slow. I've had the game for about a week, maybe a little less, and I'm only past the first gym. I'm not loving my starter, Tepig, especially since he looks so lame in his later forms, so I might restart and go with someone else. My rule with Pokemon is, as always, my team MUST look cool. Power doesn't matter, 'cause I can win with anything - I just have to look good doing it.

Samurott, the final form of the water starter, is totally BA looking.

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You know what surprised me in this game? The presence of some pretty decent-looking middle evolutions. About freaking time, Pokemon! Herdier is adorable and Dewott is the most BA middle-evolution I can think of off the top of my head.

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I've used the Dream World once. You access it through the Pokemon Global Link website. You make an account with Pokemon.com, and link that to the Global Link Site. Then you register your copy of the game with the GL site. The website will tell you how to do this. The GL site will keep track of how many online battles you've won/lost, who you've traded with, who your friends are, etc. To use the Dream World, access the C-Gear, and select Game Sync under "Online." You'll be taken to your Pokemon boxes, where you will choose one of your Pokemon to "tuck in." After about two minutes that Pokemon will show up on the Dream World portion of the GL site. Once you enter the Dream World, you can grow berries (something you can't do in the main game) and trade berries and items with your friends. (People on your friend list can access your area of the Dream World and pick up items you leave on a shelf.) Most importantly, the Dream World is the only way to obtain many of the Pokemon from previous generations. You wander around areas of the Dream world and meet Pokemon. If you win a Mini-game with the Pokemon you met, they are befriended. When you reach the Dream Tree (I'm not even gonna try to explain that) you can choose one Pokemon you befriended along the way to send back to your game. (I got a Mareep!) Once you've woken up your Pokemon on the site and the DS, you enter the Entra-link on the game, and you can capture the pokemon you sent over from the website. You are given a special Dream Ball that automatically succeeds in the capture. Whew. Does that make sense? Pokemon you get through the dream world usually have different abilities than their in-game counter-parts. For instance, Dream World Ditto will transform immediately on entering battle, so you don't have to waste a turn. You can find a complete list of all the Dream World Pokemon currently available, as well as everything about every Pokemon game ever, on Serebii.net.

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46 minutes ago, Straw said:

So... I got a DSI with a copy of Pokemon White at a yard sale :)

I just got Black 2. Honestly, next to Gold, it's my favorite. Black Tower/White Forest is the best edition to the series next to being able to go back to Kanto in Gen 2. 

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