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Spokane signing 08/08/2013


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Hey everyone.  I was at the signing. My family, including 4 kids, and I drove for 6 hours, and I convinced my wife that we should eat dinner at the mall (where the Barnes & Noble was at) before continuing on to my folks place.  It was really cool to meet Brandon and get to ask him questions.  I also got to meet Chaos and theofficetroll and saw an old friend there to boot.


As you may have seen from Chaos's tweet, Brandon read a new interlude from WoR.  Chaos had a recorder so we will all get to partake.  The POV character was a thief named Lift (or Lyft, Lifft, Lyphed?) who had a very interesting captive mobile sentient vine which she called a voidbringer.  The vine denied being a voidbringer and I was not able to catch all the reading (kids and such).  But, I think there are some interesting tidbits there.


As to the Q&A, there was not a vast amount of cosmere stuff I asked a Rithmatist question and a series of questions about the Thrill.  Chaos had a recorder so he may be able to provide the exact jumbled wording of my Rithmatist question.  But, I will paraphrase.


Q: I first asked about lines of forbiddance and the timing of the generation of the field particularly in reference to things like a Marks Cross or just general crossing lines of forbiddance.


A: (not verbatim) Rithmatics was originally designed as a cosmere magic system and is very cognitively (not the terminology he used, but the essence is the same) based.  The line (speaking of all rithmatic lines) takes effect when the rithmatist thinks it should.  A line could begin to take effect before the drawing of the line is completed.


Q: How strongly does rithmatics conform to realmatics?


A: (not verbatim)  It is not bound by realmatics.


Q: Is the Thrill, with a capital 'T', more than an adrenaline rush or battle rush?  (I indicated that it seemed very clear to e that there was a lot more to it.


A:  Brandon wrote the answer to this in my book that he was signing by writing "You are a very smart man!"


Q:  Is the Thrill an exclusively lighteyed trait?




Q: In response to the RAFO I complained that I didn't even get to my third question which was does Kaladin feel the Thrill?


A:  He laughed and said, No he does not. Kaladin is "immune" to the Thrill.


Q: I then pointed out the basis for my theory beginning with the flashback chapter where Kaladin whales on Jost with the quarterstaff.


A: Brandon then said, "What you didn't ask was whether Kaladin had ever felt the Thrill".   He then went on to say that that was not a confirmation or a denial.


So there it is.  Sorry I don't have my own recording to post, but I have a stupid phone and we left my wifes phone in the car.  I am looking forward to Chaos's report to pick up the things I missed.  Look for a SpoCon report also.  I will be stalking Brandon for most of the afternoon and evening today.  Chaos, Windrunner, and maybe theofficetroll are going to be at the Con also.  I expect that I will have more to report later.

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My thought exactly Kurk.  Bitter-sweet answers for me.  It did break my first theory :unsure:  (at least mostly).  But, cool info nonetheless.  It also suggests that I am on the right track on a few aspects in the Thrill.  I will ask another question specific to Dalinar and the Thrill today which may help to shape things some more.

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Nice information. :)


I was under the impression that the Thrill isn't only a "lighteyes-thing" and hence I was sure Kaladin felt it too (referring to the scene you mentioned, Shardlet). I have to admit that I didn't think of the possibility that one could lose that feeling, though I wouldn't say that Kaladin feels it anymore. 


Given that new information (and ignoring that he said it not a denial or confirmation :)) I'd say that Kaladin lost the Thrill (to fight for only the fights sake) and his motifs turned to an honorable reasoning for fighting (caring for and saving his mates). 



But the thought of touching that Blade sickened him.

TWoK Ch 47


Though this wasn't described as "nausea" this same feeling might have struck Dalinar (TWoK Ch 26) and at the end it outweighed the Thrill, pushing Dalinar closer to Honor. That would mean that Dalinar's "way to Honor" started at least with Chapter 26. 



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The answers make me wonder about my perception of Dalinar's Thrill at the tower vs. his other previously described instances of the Thrill.  It had seemed to me that there was a fundamental difference.  But, Kaladin's immunity to the Thrill suggests otherwise.  It is still possible that there is something different happening with Dalinar's Thrill.  But, I am not as sure as I was before.


I wouldn't (yet) go so far as to say that the Thrill is a planet-wide phenomenon. It may still be an Alethi trait.  But, it is not limited to just lighteyes.

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No, he was thinking only of his Navani, his sons, and his men.  He also does not mention (during the Tower Thrill) glorying in killing or any of the feelings or ideas which led to his revulsion and losing the Thrill.  Indeed the Thrill endures throughout the duration of the end of the battle.  It seemed purer and stronger to me.  But that may have just been mistaken perception.  Brandon will be doing a release event for Steelheart in Seattle and I may generate a good question about this to ask him there.

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